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Author Archive for: ‘ericaune’

  • Screen Shot 2014 02 10 At 12.11.38 PM

    Let’s talk about it…

    First off I’d like to thank each and everyone of you that visits “The Hub”. John and I work very hard to keep information updated daily so that when you visit the site you’ll find something new, something that [hopefully] will help you do your …

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  • Eric Aune 1

    Magnetic Boiler Water

    I was called out to play boiler detective this week at a rental home where the tenants had been complaining of little to no heat for a few days.  This particular client had interviewed me a few months back in search of a new boiler …

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  • GoogleNest1

    What’s Nest got that Google doesn’t?

    Google’s $3.2 billion acquisition of Nest, the creator of the wildly popular smart thermostat and now smoke detector, might just be the biggest news we’ve heard yet in this young New Year. Google, as we are all aware, is on its way to being the …

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  • Eric Aune 1

    Oh What A Year It Was!

    Here’s my list. You know, just like everyone else does at the end of the year: “Top this or that of 2013.” Only I’d don’t think there will be too many lists quite like it. It is hard to avoid looking back over the past …

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  • Machanical Comandments

    Top 5 Innovative Tools of 2013

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  • Uponor 1

    The Uponor Experience — An in-depth look at Uponor’s training and manufacturing facility

    Whether you’re listening to the top of the hour news on the radio while stuck in traffic, reading about the economy online or sitting in your EZ chair at home watching the national news, it’s hard to escape the daily coverage of a sluggish economy. …

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  • Resized Extra

    Aune’s 5 Reads

    I started writing for CONTRACTOR Magazine back in March of this year after making the move from another trade publication to work with the likes of such industry leaders as Bob Mader, Dave Yates, John Mesenbrink, Mark Eatherton and others. Since day one as a …

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  • Untitled 1

    My bout w/ CO on the jobsite

    “My head hurts and I feel dizzy.” –That was my response to the job superintendent as he asked me about the water service line I was installing in a new warehouse building just four days ago. If you had been standing there you can imagine …

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  • Goodbye

    Blockbuster and the 5 Things Heating Gone Away

    Blockbuster Video is dead. We heard the news last week that the movie rental company, which is owned Dish Network, is closing its remaining 300 stores. The reason, as you might suspect, is that almost no one wants to go out and physically pick up …

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  • Contractor Site

    Things to Embrace as Times Change

    Let’s face it, a lot has changed since you first hung your shingle and landed that first big job. Depending on your experience in this business you might not have even been using a cell phone back then but today it has become as essential …

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