Milwaukee PACKOUT™ 2-Wheel Cart

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Milwaukee continues to expand their PACKOUT line of tool and materials storage system in 2020 with the addition of the 2-Wheel Cart [catalog #48-22-8415]. You may be familiar with Milwaukee’s new PIPELINE video series, it was launched in response to Covid restrictions forcing the cancellation of their annual new product symposium (#nps), the 2-wheel cart was first announced during episode 2 in October.

If we rewind the clock a bit back to August, that’s when I first got my hands on the new hand cart and put it to use. Since August I have hauled over two dozen tank water heaters and countless variations of PACKOUT boxes in and out of my job sites. SPOILER ALERT: its not perfect but it’s a very useful tool. Keep reading if you’d like my honest feedback on the PACKOUT 2-wheel cart #48-22-8415

Weight: 25lbs (11.3kg)

Width: 20″ (51cm)

Height: 48″ (122cm)

Depth (folded): 12″ (30.5cm)

Total capacity: 400lbs (181kg)

While its been months now that I’ve been using the PACKOUT 2-Wheel Cart I’m still trying to get used to the folding base locking mechanisms. In fact the locks on both sides, down by the wheels make collapsing the cart difficult at best. As stated in a recent video post on our Instagram page, its almost like you need a third hand. I opt for my knee as you’ll see in the video. The head scratcher here is why wasn’t a one-handed push-button style of locking system part of the cart in the first place? Another question raised by many of our followers is “does the base even need to lock in the first place?” I hadn’t thought of that myself but since its been asked I too wonder if a lock is even necessary.

Lastly I’d like to point out that the wheel placement on the inside of the chassis uprights was intended to keep the cart narrow, making it easier to navigate thru narrower pathways. While that is technically true I have experienced first hand that the narrowly spread wheels make for a less stable hand truck when crossing either uneven surfaces, turning abruptly or when loaded heavily in either of the aforementioned situations.

It’s my opinion that the wheels should have been on the outside for stability; I’m much more concerned that I’ll damage a client’s property like a wall or flooring from a load that’s fallen than I am fitting into the narrowest of spaces.

In summary I’d say the cart has been a good addition to the van. I’ll repeat myself in saying I use it nearly every day for both the transport of my many PACKOUT boxes and bins but also other items like water heaters, boilers and more.

Its not perfect, like other tools that have preceded it I would imagine a second generation will include some changes that will hopefully make it an even better tool. The PACKOUT tool and storage system has definitely been well received across all trades and crafts. This cart is just one of many PACKOUT items offered by Milwaukee Tool to build on an already robust product line. Milwaukee PACKOUT dolly 48-22-8415

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