Eric Aune

New ONE-KEY drivers coming

MILWAUKEE, WI- Milwaukee Tool is proud to announce that it’s taking the performance of its new M18 FUEL™* Hammer Drill, Drill/Driver, and Impact Driver to the next level with the addition of ONE-KEY™. Through a ground-up redesign of the motor, mechanical, and electrical components of these core tools, these drilling and fastening solutions achieve 60% Read More

I’m not sure where I first learned of the uni-strut pipe wrench holder trick but after trying it myself I can say its great! Typically I keep my pipe wrenches upright in a 5 gallon bucket, the bucket is heavy and doesn’t last much more than a few months due to the weight and having Read More

From Sandals to Work Boots?

Our very own Made in the USA boots!

My boots are possibly the most important tools I own. For the past twenty years, I have owned at least a couple dozen different pairs of work boots. Unlike my favorite copper tubing cutter or pipe wrench, a pair of boots won’t likely last any one of us multiple years and work as well as Read More

Hauling out old, leaking and dirty tank water heaters can be a messy job. I’ve covered walkways with drop cloths, tarps or plastic in attempt to contain the dripping water, soot or rust and still have had carpets get soiled; not since we started using the “body bag” heater hauler. It’s a giant duffel with Read More

Navien’s comb-boiler (NCB) has had its share of criticism and praise alike but in my opinion there is one thing that gets me a little more than excited, the fact that nearly half the boiler must be removed to replace a part that is known to fail more than most other parts on the unit Read More