Next Generation Tankless Rinnai Sensei RX

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The new Rinnai Sensei RX series high efficiency condensing tankless water heaters have a ton of new features and industry leading technology. This is the NEXT GENERATION of tankless.

In this video we are featuring the key features we think are most notable:

1. The RX series tankless is 10lbs lighter than previous models

2. Because of new tech there are now just 6 skus instead of the 24 previous

3. Setup can be done using a mobile device without logging on to wifi

4. One tankless model for both indoor/outdoor installation (outdoor requires additional vent attachment)

5. Gas conversion is done without changing parts, using the control or mobile app.

6. Step-by-step mobile app setup.

If you would like more information or technical specifications of the Rinnai Sensei RX series tankless please visit this link:

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