LENOX LXHT90540 Pliers Wrench 

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LENOX LXHT90540 Pliers Wrench 

A few months ago, LENOX® Tools sent some new pliers and wrenches to us. As always, we choose to use the tools, we review on real job sites, in real life situations so we can report back to you. Whether we pay for a tool or product or it is given to us free of charge, you will always get honest information that we hope will help you make decisions on how and what you spend your money on. LENOX® is not new to hand tools or pipe wrenches, but these are all updated designs so it’s worth a look. The following is a summary of our use of the Pliers Wrench LXHT90540 over three months of daily use. 

Pliers Wrench 

I have been a fan of pliers wrenches for years but never before have I used one with such a large jaw capacity. The 3” opening of the LXHT90540 Comfort Pliers Wrench is impressive. 


The comfort grip handles on this 10” pliers wrench make it easier for me to handle when aggressive action is required. If you’ve never used a pliers with a comfort style grip, then its time you give this one from LENOX a try. 

Quick Adjustment 

The quick-adjust feature is the best I have used and that is coming from a tough critic. The button is low profile but large in diameter so it’s easy to push but won’t get in the way. The ease of a quick closing adjustment is perfect, LENOX nailed this feature.


The jaws of the plier’s wrench are narrower and longer than most others I have seen in the industry. This is an advantage in tight areas where either the width of the hex surface is limited, or the turn circumference is tight. The longer jaws are great for large hex nuts like a shower drain or sink drain body and almost act like a needle nose of sorts when you find yourself reaching into a tighter spot. At first, I was unsure of this feature but after using the pliers wrench longer, I realized it is a benefit. 


Overall, I would recommend these to both professionals and DIY-ers alike. These pliers are great to have in your daily carry bag or around the shop. The value is excellent, and performance meets or exceeds other pliers wrenches already available in the market. These can be found wherever you buy LENOX® Hand Tools and online. 

Model Number: LXHT90540, $39.99 

Availability: Now 

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