Kapro 862G Cross-Line Laser Review

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I’m a huge fan of what a simple laser can help me do on the job. I’ve been trying out different lasers for a couple years now. I continue to find uses for them that speed up my job. Often they lend a “third hand” when it comes to getting a measurement or laying out my piping straight and plumb.

I’ve shared a few pics of how I have used the Kapro cross-line green class II laser model# 862G 

The Kapro model is a AA battery powered laser so no special tool batteries are needed. The price point is about as low as it gets for green multi-line lasers at around $110. If you’re interested in buying you can use the link above.

The 862G comes with a fabric, velcro closure case and a velcro strap for affixing to different surfaces like a pipe or wall stud. The Kapro 862G also has a magnetic back plate for mounting to metal surfaces and a 1/4-20 thread tapping for tripod mounting.

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