Growing a business can often seem like it’s a stop-and-start process. You might see a little growth every year, but not as much as you would like. Is there a way to grow a construction business quickly? While it mightn’t be quick, there is a right way and wrong way to go about it, with Read more

Trade businesses aren’t always associated with a need to implement greener practices. In reality, though, your company can be one of the biggest beneficiaries from adopting a better way of working. After all, you use more energy than most. Likewise, a changing landscape means that B2B and B2C clients want to align with responsible companies Read more

Operating your business, paying the bills, bringing in new work and keeping employees happy are everyday labors of love for the small business owners. But admittedly all of these tasks are affected by cash on hand; sometimes there’s plenty of it, and other times…well, there’s not. Figuring out your cash rhythms while growing involves a Read more

Shun Fat Supermarket Adopts Polar Technology’s Cloud Based Refrigerant Management Solution, TrakRef® Polar Technology, the leading provider of refrigerant management solutions, is pleased to announce that Shun Fat Supermarket is implementing a cloud-based solution called TrakRef®. Shun Fat Supermarket is a California based supermarket which specializes in selling a wide range of imported grocery items Read more