Cloud Based Refrigerant Management

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Shun Fat Supermarket Adopts Polar Technology’s Cloud Based Refrigerant Management Solution, TrakRef®

Polar Technology, the leading provider of refrigerant management solutions, is pleased to announce that Shun Fat Supermarket is implementing a cloud-based solution called TrakRef®.

Shun Fat Supermarket is a California based supermarket which specializes in selling a wide range of imported grocery items from Asia, including the countries of China, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand and Vietnam. Since the opening of their first store 20 years ago they have been rapidly expanding in California and Nevada, boasting an impressive 15 stores, making them the fastest growing Asian supermarket chain in the U.S.

Shun Fat maintains core values which center on a commitment to providing shoppers a wide selection of high-quality products at low, competitive prices, and have selected the TrakRef® refrigerant management software to help them continue to pass savings on to their customers. Refrigerant emissions, the gases lost from refrigerant devices, are both expensive and damaging to the environment if not managed effectively. Shun Fat understands that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) holds them accountable for being fully compliant under Section 608 of the Clean Air Act.

TrakRef® is a versatile solution that implements best practice methods needed to guarantee compliance and provides the ability to manage multiple supermarket locations, providing real-time visibility to inventory, usage, leaks, repairs and disposal of refrigerant gases. Shun Fat is not only getting a very robust refrigerant management solution, but TrakRef® also affords them the ability to automatically upload data into the California Air Resources Board’s (CARB) Refrigerant Registration and Reporting System (R3), and also provides other regulatory reporting. This single feature will save Shun Fat hundreds of hours of manually entering data, which translates to thousands of dollars saved.

Ted Atwood, President of Polar Technology, stated, “We are proud to find a partner with Shun Fat Supermarkets. Their passion for protecting and managing their refrigerant investment unites with our excitement and energy to provide solutions in this industry. We are excited to offer a solution that can help them save time and money.”

About Polar Technology
Polar Technology strives to be our customers’ most trusted partner, helping them innovate, connect and grow. For more than 20 years, Polar Technology has built a solid reputation in responsible refrigerant reclamation and recovery but the knowledge that we have gained along with our commitment to customers lead us to create a refrigerant management solution called TrakRef®. TrakRef ®is a cloud-based SaaS solution that connects all stakeholders involved, maximizing the value of refrigerant and creating sustainable growth for our customers. With manufacturing facilities in Nashville, TN, Ontario, CA and Puerto Rico, Polar now delivers a complete refrigerant management solution that increases customer loyalty, sharpens your competitive edge, provides significant savings and ensures regulatory compliance. For more information about Polar Technology or TrakRef®, please visit

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