Oil. We all use it in one way or another, but oil isn’t just a useful fuel used to cooking or fueling our vehicles. It is a high-demand global commodity that can have a major economic impact based on two things: Supply and demand, and market sentiment. In fact, we just had a taste of Read more

Milwaukee Tool recently visited with Mechanical Hub to discuss its latest product offering, the M18 FUEL™ SURGE™ ¼” Hex Hydraulic Driver. We had a couple of contractors with us to test out the tool, and when I told them it was a hydraulic HEX driver, they asked if I had the correct information. Yes, it Read more

Earlier this summer Milwaukee Tool sent us their latest addition to the FUEL lineup of the M12 cordless tools, an all new M12 FUEL Hackzall compact cordless reciprocating saw.  After about two months of having this on the Aune Plumbing truck I’d like to tell you little about what may be your next favorite tool Read more

There’s nothing like a crisis to increase awareness, especially when that crisis is COLD.  This winter has unleashed brutally frigid temperatures on citizens around the country, teaching all of us some hard lessons about reliable and affordable heat for our homes. For those suffering cold and shortages of high-priced fuels under the brunt of the Read more