Milwaukee M12 FUEL Hackzall

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Earlier this summer Milwaukee Tool sent us their latest addition to the FUEL lineup of the M12 cordless tools, an all new M12 FUEL Hackzall compact cordless reciprocating saw.  After about two months of having this on the Aune Plumbing truck I’d like to tell you little about what may be your next favorite tool.

There have been a ton of Milwaukee FUEL developments over the last couple years. In case you’re not familiar, the FUEL moniker indicates the POWERSTATE™ brushless motor and REDLINK PLUS™ circuitry inside that supply constant power and overload protection using a total system communication operation that keeps the motor cooler and the battery performing at full capacity until the end.  On the job site this means faster cutting/drilling/grinding and much longer battery life every time. I have been using the FUEL series impact driver, drill, circular saw, recip. saw and now the Hackzall for a little over a year now and Milwaukee’s claims on tough build and long battery life have proven true in my experience.


▪       5/8″ stroke length

▪       0-3,000 SPM (Strokes Per Minute)

▪       Quick-Lok tool-free universal blade clamp

▪       13.25″ length

▪       4.1 lbs

▪       Blade can be mounted upside down

▪       Fuel Gauge

▪       M12™ REDLITHIUM™ XC4.0 Battery Pack (3yr warranty)

▪       LED Light

Milwaukee’s claim to be the fastest cutting and most powerful saw in its class have had me looking for the next cut this thing cannot handle. The Hackzall wasn’t made to replace the cordless sawzall  but in many instances it does. If you’re cutting plastic pipe for boiler, furnace or water heater venting load it with a 6” blade. Metal or plastic conduit? Not a problem. The same for copper, demo work, threaded rod and more. Short of major lumber removal, I have reached for this over my cordless sawzall almost every time. It has made my life easier, tasks faster and has not let me down. The only question I have now is what will Milwaukee FUEL-ify next?

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