Every professional commercial plumber has faced the challenge: ensuring the water is truly OFF before cutting into a pipe and easily draining the water from that piping system. Mistakes can be catastrophic, leading to floods and potential property damage. With the Drain Down Pro, you can confidently confirm the water is off, every single time Read more

If you’ve ever been called to a job with flooding, you know the havoc water damage can wreak. From cleaning the mess, to mold remediation, to fighting with insurance companies, to the long timeline of replace and repair, water damage is a nightmare we’d all save our clients from if we could. And it turns Read more

Sunset Pointe near St. Petersburg, Florida, is a luxury condominium complex on a barrier island off the Florida coast. Since 2017, three of four six-story buildings have been built and occupied, with a fourth one now under construction. All 130 occupied units, each exceeding $1 million in value, contain a Leak Defense System® from Leak Read more

Nobody knows when an emergency may strike. They tend to be unexpected. This can include anything from accidents, natural disasters, and the COVID-19 pandemic is another excellent example of an emergency. For any company, the emergency can be different. This can include having login issues, a security breach, or so much more.  Emergencies need to Read more

When servicing customers after a disaster, it’s best to go above and beyond to provide them with the comforts of home. Make the effort of giving them peace of mind during an emergency, and they’ll return to you for business in the future. Consider these five measures when working with customers, and they’ll thank you Read more