5 Tips to Offer Your Customers for Ultimate Peace of Mind During Emergency Maintenance

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When servicing customers after a disaster, it’s best to go above and beyond to provide them with the comforts of home. Make the effort of giving them peace of mind during an emergency, and they’ll return to you for business in the future.

Consider these five measures when working with customers, and they’ll thank you for your hard work and thoughtfulness.

1.  Arrange a Ride Share

Families might not have access to a car following an emergency, making it impossible to get groceries or connect with loved ones. Lyft remedies this problem by providing free rides to those impacted by natural disasters. Spread the word to your customers and let them know about Lyft’s disaster relief access program. You’ll be linking your customers to a helpful service and giving them great peace of mind in a turbulent time.

If they’re unfamiliar with Lyft, inform them that they’ll need to download the app on their smartphone to hail a ride. From there, the app explains the process.

2.  Rent Restroom Units

Consider renting portable restroom and shower units for families whose homes were damaged so much that they no longer have water access. One of the primary human comforts in the privacy of one’s home is the bathroom. No longer having access is a real struggle for all who’ve experienced a disaster. By providing sanitation services, you’ll give this comfort to your customers, and you’ll ensure their basic hygienic needs are met.

If you’re providing emergency maintenance for multiple residents of a neighborhood or for a multifamily housing unit, consider renting a larger portable unit to put in a centralized location. You can find units of various sizes depending on how many people have been displaced by the event and whether they will need ADA-compliant facilities. Many large units can hold up to 10 people at a time.

3.  Coordinate Donation Delivery

In times of crisis, local food banks go into overtime responding to the needs of citizens. Resources can be easily taxed out or not distributed to all who need them. Sometimes people are even unaware of all services available to them in times of crisis. Make your customers conscious of these nationally accredited disaster-relief organizations — the United Way, the American Red Cross and Team Rubicon.

Assist your customers by working with local food banks and arranging donation delivery, saving them the hassle of driving to the center. Consider doing the same for a local diaper bank if your customers are a young family. Helping them procure diapers, wipes and formula for their baby will bring them great peace of mind. Additionally, work with your local animal shelter to help families with dogs or cats care for their furry friends.

4.  Organize Alternative Housing

A natural disaster may leave many properties unsafe for living. Some families may not have local connections where they can live while you’re completing their home renovations. Airbnb supports housing for people impacted by emergencies or natural crises.

You can work within your community to set up local stays for families in need. Your town will also appreciate the opportunity to help people impacted by the recent natural disaster. Tell your customers about these opportunities, and give them shelter and peace of mind while renovating their homes.

5.  Set up a GoFundMe

If you find your customer has endured a challenging time during their emergency, consider going the extra mile and setting up a GoFundMe. This online fundraising platform easily allows you to tell someone’s story while requesting community donations for aid. You can share the link for donations through social media like Facebook and Twitter and easily reach your financial goal.

Each account is secure and encrypted, keeping the online donations safe and the money stored until it’s ready to be withdrawn. Your customers will be awed by your thoughtfulness and community generosity.

Give Your Customers the Best

You want to offer them the best service possible when working with your customers following an emergency. Give them your highest quality work, but take it a step further — offer your customers a measure of comfort during a difficult time. They will thank you.

Author April Miller is a managing editor at ReHack.com who specializes in engineering and construction technology. You can find her work published on sites like Open Data Science and The Society of Women Engineers.

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