The Leak Defense System is a Real Solution

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If you’ve ever been called to a job with flooding, you know the havoc water damage can wreak. From cleaning the mess, to mold remediation, to fighting with insurance companies, to the long timeline of replace and repair, water damage is a nightmare we’d all save our clients from if we could. And it turns out, we all can.

The Leak Defense® System is a solution that offers the best protection against water damage available, turning the concept of total system visibility from dream to reality. And the Leak Defense® team makes getting started simple. LDS has worked with thousands of contractors to spec and install Leak Defense® Systems around the globe.

Leak Defense®:

  • Is fully customizable & fits any size/type of property
  • Boasts the highest live-pipe leak detection sensitivity available
  • Detects hidden leaks under slabs, behind walls, and in ceilings
  • Operates 24/7/365 – Sending alerts immediately to potential flood conditions and can stop water flow until situation can be evaluated
  • Provides flexibility to add Point of Leak Detectors (POLDS) for added protection
  • Works via mobile app and intuitive touchscreen control panel

Want to be the hero who protects your customers from the havoc of water damage?

Visit Leak Defense®

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