water damage

If you’ve ever been called to a job with flooding, you know the havoc water damage can wreak. From cleaning the mess, to mold remediation, to fighting with insurance companies, to the long timeline of replace and repair, water damage is a nightmare we’d all save our clients from if we could. And it turns Read more

Sunset Pointe near St. Petersburg, Florida, is a luxury condominium complex on a barrier island off the Florida coast. Since 2017, three of four six-story buildings have been built and occupied, with a fourth one now under construction. All 130 occupied units, each exceeding $1 million in value, contain a Leak Defense System® from Leak Read more

The Leak Defense System continuously monitors your properties for hidden leaks and automatically shuts off the water and alerts you if one is detected. Easily control the water flow using the on-site control panel or access it on the go with the mobile app. With multiple ways to monitor, you’ll always feel protected against potential Read more

Crawl spaces are often overlooked when cleaning and maintaining our homes. We focus on keeping the visible areas of our homes clean, but the crawl space is just as important. Failing to keep the crawl space clean can lead to serious problems, such as mold and water damage. Taking care of your crawl space will Read more