Do you agree that first impressions are important? That is something everyone knows. Almost everyone says it. Several studies have shown that people make decisions in just a few seconds, seven to be exact. Whether it’s a new client coming to your office for the first time or a high-quality job candidate coming for an Read more

One of the things that customers really care about these days is the way in which the companies they buy from treat the environment and how they implement green policies. If it’s something that you know your target audience of customers really cares about, it makes sense to find ways to connect with them along Read more

With QR codes appearing everywhere, it’s interesting to consider how they would fit into your trade business. Whether you use them to advertise your business or offer your customers a service based on QR codes, they are handy tech tools you won’t want to miss out on. Directing customers to your website or social media Read more

If you want to use your skills and build your own business, the construction industry can be a great place to do so. People always need homes and towns and cities always need various pieces of construction, so it’s not difficult to find work if you are good at what you do. That being said Read more