5 Ways to Use QR Codes in Your Trade Business

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With QR codes appearing everywhere, it’s interesting to consider how they would fit into your trade business. Whether you use them to advertise your business or offer your customers a service based on QR codes, they are handy tech tools you won’t want to miss out on.

Directing customers to your website or social media accounts

One of the biggest uses for QR codes is directing customers to a landing page, such as your website or even a social media page. This makes it easier for your customer to access your content without having to type in a URL or scroll through Google search results. The easier you make your customers life, the more customers you will have. With so many people accessing websites at the beep of a QR code now, you can’t afford to miss out.

Call, message, or email you

QR codes can also be used to access a method of contacting you instantly. No more tempting potential clients to hit up your website and then persuading them to contact you with a box or a phone number on the corner of your site. With QR code APIs in your app, you can deliver an instant method of contacting you to every customer. Your enquiries will increase in no time.

Offer discounts and promos

You can install QR codes to offer discounts and promos to prospective customers who scan your code. New customers and old can take advantage of your offers and freebies, and you can display posters with your code. 

There are plenty of free sites that offer QR code coupon generators, so you’re sure to find somewhere you can easily design your QR discount codes. 

Display a list of services and prices

Another valuable function of QR codes is easy access to a list of your prices and services. You can update the content regularly, and having a QR code makes it cheaper to maintain than changing posters frequently. 

If your customers can more easily find your price list, they are more likely to make quicker purchasing decisions, and you are more likely to get their job. 

Direct customers to an appointment booking platform

QR codes can also be used to direct clients to a booking platform where they can book appointments or even prepay for work. If you offer free consultation slots, customers can choose their appointment and book themselves in via your app or QR code. Some customers are more likely to do this than call or ask you in person. 

Time management can seem like a chore in the trade industry, but with a booking platform connected to your QR code, things will run much more smoothly. It’s beneficial if your customer can rearrange and cancel their appointments themselves, as this will save you time on no-shows.

There are many reasons why QR codes can be helpful to your trade business. Bookmark our top five for reference, and good luck adding QR codes to your trade business! Don’t forget; it’s all about making your customer’s life easier. 

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