Life can sometimes get overwhelming. It can be a struggle to multitask and cross out your endless activities while still feeling like you aren’t getting anything done. Organization apps can be lifesaving instead of having scattered information across different email addresses, scribbled words on sticky notes, notebooks and journals. Some of these apps are free Read more

Charlotte — Charlotte Pipe has created Tech Tools, an app for mobile devices that provides simple, on-the-go tools for the plumbing industry. The first tools are an expansion and contraction calculator and a temperature de-rating calculator. The expansion and contraction calculator provides general direction in expansion loop, offset or change of direction design, to account Read more

Let’s face it, a lot has changed since you first hung your shingle and landed that first big job. Depending on your experience in this business you might not have even been using a cell phone back then but today it has become as essential as a reliable vehicle or supplier. For the majority of Read more

The IR (Industrial Refrigeration) Spare parts app is designed to give you information on Danfoss Industrial Refrigeration valves in order to determine a kit number to purchase a spare part or spare part kit;  Inspection Kit, Repair Kit, or Overhaul Kit.  Once you’ve locate the desired component or kit, simply click on the blue highlighted Read more