Great Apps to Organize Your Team in Real-Time

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Life can sometimes get overwhelming. It can be a struggle to multitask and cross out your endless activities while still feeling like you aren’t getting anything done. Organization apps can be lifesaving instead of having scattered information across different email addresses, scribbled words on sticky notes, notebooks and journals. Some of these apps are free and can help improve productivity while keeping efficiency levels high as well.

With most of the apps available across several platforms (iPhone, iPad, Android, and web), you will be able to streamline specific niches of your life such as work, relationships, and self-care. While your small business can be hard to organize, apps such as are a great management app for service contractors. Want to learn more? Check out other apps you can use to add a little organization in your life.


This do-it-all app has several organizational features that will help you manage to-do lists, scan business cards, and record voice memos. It can be your digital life cabinet, note-taking tool, recipe-keeper, project management system, and more. It is available on Android and Apple, is free, and offers an optional subscription. A subscription offers more features and storage.

Microsoft To Do

Whether it’s for work, school, or home, To-Do will help you increase your productivity levels while decreasing stress. It is a virtual, Cloud-based app that enables you to track notes, deadlines, tasks, and projects. On iPhone, iPad, and Android, To-Do has unique features, like personalized color-coding, adding reminders and due dates, and taking notes when needed.

Fortunately, Microsoft-To-Do syncs with your phone and computer, so your to-dos are accessible from anywhere in the world and when you’re on the go.


Trello uses its digital platform to find delight in planning. It has unique designs around the notion of “boards” and “cards.”  Think of it like a whiteboard filled with lists of sticky notes, except you can allot due dates, color codes, archive, and set reminders. Collaborate, manage projects and invite teams to work with and reach new productivity peaks as Trello automatically reminds you about anything coming up in the next three days.

You can also use Trello’s intuitive features at home for:

  • Booking a vacation
  • Party planning 
  • Home renovation
  • Household chores
  • Meal planning

It is perfect for collaborating with family and friends too.


It is an award-winning app that helps add tasks, organize them into lists, and add due dates. Available in Android and Apple, it is a part calendar, a part to-do list that integrates nicely with other apps, from note-takers to social networks. It stands out with its daily “Plan my Day” highlight, which forces you to schedule when you’ll accomplish your tasks so that you remember actually to do things. It is free, but a monthly subscription unveils all its features.


With over ten million users, Todoist is an excellent app for planning weekly tasks, setting reminders, and turning essential emails into jobs. It is versatile enough to adapt to most workflows but not so complex as to overwhelm. It allows users to mesh their approaches to productivity with well-known methodologies. Todoist is entirely free to use, but when you need additional features like reminders, you can always upgrade to the Pro or Business plan. Paid users can create custom filters and labels, and there are also some basic collaboration features.


Whether you need to schedule a plan, make memos, share shopping lists, or collaborate in a team, Ticktick has an excellent interface to keep your life on track. Adding tasks is quick, thanks to natural language processing and a voice input feature. It is available on just about every platform.

Ticktick offers a few features above and beyond what other apps offer, such as a built-in Pomodoro timer, integration with various third-party calendars, and a built-in habit-tracking tool.

The Bottom Line

Depending on what you need, there is a great organizational app for you. Every one of the above-mentioned free apps is pretty great at getting the job done and keeping you productive.

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