Weil-McLain Introduces the Future of High-Efficiency Residential Heating with ECO Tec

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New, Premium Residential Boiler for All Comfort Heating Needs Including High-Performing Combi Applications 

The future of residential comfort heating has arrived with the introduction of the ECO® Tec high-efficiency boiler from Weil-McLain®. The new ECO Tec premium boiler meets nearly all residential application needs including multi-zone and combi applications. It features a long-lasting fire tube heat exchanger and is available in combi versions with response time and domestic hot water (DHW) output designed to meet the demanding needs of residential replacement applications. ECO Tec is easy to install, use and service, operates whisper quiet, and is among the most energy efficient residential boilers available today.

ECO Tec is available in four heat only sizes ranging from 80 to 199 MBH. The combi versions are available in three sizes – 110, 150 and 199 MBH – with hot water output up to 5.4 gallons per minute (GPM) and features Weil-McLain’s advanced ECO BOOSTTM technology to provide rapid DHW response. ECO Tec also includes built-in zone control, connects to four thermostat inputs and features an easy-to-use setup wizard and heating system presets.

ECO Tec features exceptional domestic hot water performance and was developed with Weil-McLain’s next generation, easy-to-use Unity 2.0 control with color touch screen display. Contractors will appreciate the ease of installation, use and service, while homeowners will enjoy high performance and energy-efficient comfort home heating.

Featuring a 95% AFUE rating, ECO Tec is among the highest energy efficient residential boilers in the industry. ECO Tec achieved the “Most Efficient” rating level from Energy Star® in 2020 and is rated to deliver maximum operational cost savings to homeowners.

The unit’s durable stainless steel fire tube heat exchanger features a vertical orientation for “self-rinsing” during operation, and a polypropylene condensate-collector base that provides better corrosion resistance than traditional stainless steel, helping to ensure a long service life. A sound suppressing air silencer on the heat exchanger provides whisper quiet operation.

ECO Tec is designed for easy maintenance and service with a spacious cabinet that allows for full access to internal components, common parts for all unit sizes and the easy-to-use control touch screen display.

To learn more about the new ECO Tec high-efficiency residential boiler, visit www.weil-mclain.com/eco-tec.

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