Tim Ward

Homes are getting smarter as technology evolves, and devices like smart thermostats enable homeowners to create a perfect oasis inside their home while also lowering utility bills. As an HVAC expert, homeowners will look to you for guidance on choosing the right thermostat, so understanding the different variations and features of smart home technology is Read more

Sickening stench had overpowered the San Bernadino outlet for a major California supermarket chain. For years, employees dumped dairy products down the drains of two floor sinks in the store’s milk department. But after local health officials ordered removal of the basins, coagulated organic debris clogged the line, and a putrid stink of decay soon Read more

With the increase in smart technologies and IoT, modernity seems to be an era of limitless innovation. While many commercial utility operators are searching for reliable and secure ways to optimize technology in their properties, they often wonder how to fully trust new smart communication solutions. Since certain applications are tailored to either wired or Read more

The lightweight, compact Kinetic Water Ram from General Pipe Cleaners safely, quickly and cleanly clears clogged sinks and showers, toilets and tubs with Kinetic Energy. Kinetic Water Ram unleashes a powerful burst of compressed air that drives a clog-busting shock wave through water at 4,700 ft./second. It effectively clears hair, rust, grease, sediment and scale Read more

Unlike traditional methods, Hilti’s CFS-CID Cast-in device for metal deck makes creating an opening to run pipes easier. Users can lose the torch, firewatch and extra steps. You simply place the device on a flat platform, pour the concrete, and cut deck. This simple solution helps increase the speed of installation with mechanical contractors, creating up Read more