ServiceTitan Unveils New AI-Powered Solutions for the Trades Industry at Annual Pantheon Conference

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Solutions will Equip Trade Contractors with Powerful Tools to Run and Grow Their Businesses

Mechanical Hub was onsite last week at ServiceTitan Pantheon 2023, its annual user conference, and if there was ever any doubt or fear that artificial intelligence (AI) was coming to the trades, Pantheon 2023 put those thoughts to rest.

More than 1,500 service contractors, ServiceTitan team members and exhibiting partners spent three days exploring the “Journey to the Top” theme, which included more than 50 sessions to help contractors stay on track with next-level training, tools, and insights. In addition to the sessions, attendees enjoyed networking events, product plaza exhibit space, keynotes from industry VIPs and a closing fireside chat with tennis great Venus Williams.

“Over the past year, the world has seen a dramatic acceleration in AI advancements and ServiceTitan is making sure that the trades industry will be at the forefront of this technological revolution,” said Vahe Kuzoyan, president and co-founder at ServiceTitan.

To ensure Kuzoyan’s statement rang true, ServiceTitan introduced a suite of new products to empower residential and commercial contractors with groundbreaking technology to supercharge their businesses. Powered by Titan Intelligence, the company’s own AI solution purpose-built for the trades, these new cutting-edge solutions allow its customers to automate, predict, and optimize across their entire business.

Several of the new AI-powered products introduced at Pantheon include:

  • Ads Optimizer maximizes the ROI of every dollar spent on an advertising campaign by educating Google Ads to focus on potential customers who are actively looking for service providers while avoiding users who aren’t. The feature also predicts which zip codes will have the most demand and automatically prioritizes ads for those specific locations.
  • Dispatch Pro runs thousands of scenarios to get the right technician to the right job, allowing dispatchers to invest more time delivering a superior customer experience. Dispatch Pro’s algorithm also finds the best technician for every job based on the technician’s specific set of skills, recent sales performance, proximity to the job, and more – all to maximize profit.
  • Integrated Financing gives contractors the tools they need to grow their business and protect their margins. The feature allows ServiceTitan’s customers to strategically control plans from multiple preferred financing providers on a single job, improving their customers’ approval rates. It also gives technicians confidence in offering plans that will ultimately win more high-value jobs easily.
  • Second Chance Leads automatically detects unbooked phone calls from potential customers within minutes of the call ending, and specifically flags missed calls that the algorithm believes can be saved. The tool works in the background to identify missed opportunities, so ServiceTitan customers don’t have to.

“At ServiceTitan, AI means ‘Automated ROI,’” said Ara Mahdessian, co-founder and CEO of ServiceTitan. “We want to automate all the inefficient processes that steal precious hours away from contractors and their teams every single day, and at the same time provide actionable insights and powerful features to meaningfully grow their revenue. Our AI-powered tools allow our customers to focus their time and energy on what they’re best at, and most passionate about — solving problems for their customers and delivering the best quality service.”

While the session and networking was top-notch, Mechanical Hub was also selected as a session leader. They worked with Pfister Faucets and American Plumber Stories to present, “Building for Tomorrow: Recruiting & Retainment Tactics.” The session highlighted Universal Plumbing’s Larry Jones, CEO and Shalanda Morris, Business Manager, and discussed their best practices finding, training and retaining employees. In addition, we looked for answers to address major roadblocks in recruitment, and shared some creative strategies to help contractors find their next rock star employee. A packed crowd of contractors also got to watch season four, episode one of American Plumber Stories.

Mike Prencavage Jr., owner of The Family Plumber, Los Alamitos, Calif., shared, “I attend pantheon for inspiration and motivation to grow my company. Being surrounded by great leaders and business owners in the industry does so much to rejuvenate my drive to succeed. AI will help streamline not only front office processes but also front line sales interactions. It’s important to never loose sight of the ‘customer experience’ and I feel that AI will only help to improve that high level of service. Servicetitans projected plans to incorporate these AI features are only going to help the industry and better the homeowners experience overall.”

For those that don’t use ServiceTitan and have never attened a Pantheon, it’s a learning and networking event for contractors of all sizes and experience in the home and commercial service industry. While most attendees are business owners, managers, IT professionals, or members of the finance team, all trades professionals are invited and encouraged to attend.

ServiceTitan was founded in 2007, and helps residential contractors manage a range of tasks including booking jobs, dispatching technicians, processing payments and overseeing marketing campaigns.

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