Veto Pro Pac “Tech XL”

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The Veto Pro Pac line of tool bags has been designed for the true professional and any job site that may be in his/her work week. Roger Brouard, Owner  of VETO PRO PAC decided after 25 years of carpentry work that the bags/bins/buckets he had for carrying tools onto and around the job were just not made well enough to hold up to the rigors of the job site. Add to that the failed attempt by other brands at offering tool organizing and he decided he’s had enough. That was in 1998. Fast forward to 2014 and imagine my excitement when I first learned there may be a tool bag that can handle what a real job site throws at it.Veto Intro

I have been working in the plumbing and hydronic heating trade for nearly my whole life. From digging trenches in basements for Grandpa’s plumbing company at the ripe young age of 13 to hanging copper fin-tube baseboard for my uncles in high school; from the beginning I have been in search of a tool box/bag that will last through anything I throw at it and allow me to keep my tools organized and ready to grab. I have tried most everything along the way as you likely have too. Well, my search may be over. And in case your wondering, I’m not getting paid to write this. It’s my own personal opinion based off of my own personal experience with the two Veto bags I now own. This first review will cover the details of the “Tech XL” bag.


Just one of many trips to the mechanical room. The Tech XL organizes my tools and testing equipment very nicely. There are tons of pockets and a lot of space.

The Tech XL bag has 80 interior and exterior pockets of various sizes, 2 Large, 3 Medium and 9 Small Neoprene pockets (for bits or memory sticks), 4 large and 5 small D-Rings, 8” Electrical Tape Strap and a Stainless Steel Tape Clip. Measuring in at 9.5″w X 16.5″l X 20.75″ t this bag has some serious tool carrying capacity! Add to all those features the padded shoulder strap and extra tough carry handle and you’ve got a bag that not only can store a ton of tools for your service work but, you’ll be able to handle this bag comfortably and with ease.

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The carry handle for this bag is positioned in the center of the two-sided storage compartments making the over-moulded rubber grip a solid anchoring spot to maneuver the bag while carrying or pulling off the truck or toward you while working in front of a boiler or the like.

The handle is great, the pockets are plenty but the whole bag is built upon a solid injection molded waterproof base. I noticed right away how solid the base was compared to my previous bag. It stays cleaner because its not made of cloth and slides a little easier when I pull it out of the back of my truck. Make no mistake though, the bag stays put when traveling but more importantly I have already had the bag sitting in an inch or so of water because of a broken boiler and a major spill. The bag and my tools were dry.

Some other features of the Veto bags are the heavy duty zippers and marine grade rivets and snaps all of which are held together by industrial strength nylon stitching, PVC impregnated 1200-1800 denier body fabric. Although I have only had the bag for a little over a month there has been few surfaces it has not came into contact with. I have little doubt the canvas fabric will have a hard time standing up to whatever I may demand of it. In my opinion, it looks good too.

As with other product reviews here on The Hub, I base what I write off of my own real world experience. I use tools everyday and when I have the occasion to test something out [like the Veto bags] I approach the task seriously. I take notes and ask questions about durability, performance, ergonomics, improvement over previous designs, whether it will help me do my job better in the field and more. The “Tech XL” tool bag by Veto Pro Pac is one of those tools that will help me better perform my job.  If you have a tool or bag that you would like to have reviewed, send it to us! (

  • Cost: $169-200 as seen on
  • Availability: Now
  • Warranty: “Veto Pro Pac warrants that its merchandise will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of five (5) years after date of original retail purchase.” –
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