Veto Pro Pac Hydrant Bag HB-XL

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I recently added the Veto Pro Pac Hydrant Bag [HB-XL] to the truck with hope that it would make hauling a few critical tools in and out of the job more efficient. As you can see in the video attached below, I’ve loaded the HB-XL hydrant bag with tools that I have an almost daily need for but don’t want to carry around in multiple boxes or cases.

Quality Materials

Hydrant Bag HB-XLThe VetoProPac Hydrant Bag (HB-XL) is made of the same heavy-duty materials all their bags and organizers are made from but with a new color scheme. Unlike the CT-LC & CT-XL [Cargo Tote] bags, the HB series bag with dividers allows for basic organization but accommodates larger, bulky tools like the M12 porta-band and PVC shears. I really think the HB-XL will be perfect for me on boiler and tankless water heater install days.

Buy your own Hydrant Bag

If you’d like to purchase this or other Veto bags please check out one of our favorite suppliers Acme Tools. Click this link to visit their site.

Watch the video posted below to see just how much I’ve fit into my hydrant bag. Its only just the start, I’m sure this setup will evolve as I get some time with the bag on the job. If you’re looking for more product and tool reviews check out our ProStaff pages here on The Hub. As always, hope this helps.

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