Trades -VS- College

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With college loan debt at an all-time high and lower and lower forecast wages for college grads we are still seeing a growth trend in 4-year college enrollment and a slight decline in trade school interest. For the many reasons [most of which have been discussed on this very website] the facts coming from both US Census data and US Dept of Labor statistics] we are falling short in attracting the best candidates into our skilled trades and only time will prove this issue to be as detrimental as some industry professionals are saying it is, including myself. I know there is a lot of passion surrounding this subject, I have talked with professionals in various trade industries throughout the United States and Canada on this subject.  I have some ideas of how we could change the current trends but without collaboration on a large front, I’ll just have to contiue to use this platform as a way to perpetuate the conversation.


Below is an infographic I made comparing college enrolment and trade school statistics. I’ve even made a comparison of debt and loan periods.  Take a look and thanks for reading.

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