Top Tools of 2016: #7

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PC: Instagrammer @knarlycarl

PC: Instagrammer @knarlycarl

I like simple tools that solve a problem without over complicating the process. That’s exactly what you get with the Ridgid STRAPLOCK Pipe Handle. The STRAPLOCK pipe handle gives the user a solid grip on plastic pipe (it works for any type of pipe, really) while assembling solvent weld joints. I often work alone and the straplock gives me the leverage and grip to easily push or pull long lengths of PVC together without a wedge bar or having to run to the opposite end of a 20′ piece to hopefully drive it home.

42478_ridgid_straplock-pipe-handle-straight-on_72dpiThe design is simple. The plastic resin handle is actually two pieces connected by the flexible, rubberized strap. One half of the handle mates to the other and thru what I’d call a cam-lock cinch the strap around pipe 3″-8″ in diameter and provide an extremely strong grip on wet or dry pipe. See the video below for a demo of how it works.

I’ve used the STRAPLOCK in trenches, overhead and everywhere in between. Although its intended use is as a handle it could be used as a wrench I suppose but the adjustment and re-positioning of an actual strap wrench would be more convenient. The STRAPLOCK pipe handle carries the famous RIDGID Full Lifetime Warranty and retails for around $25.

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