Tool Fight: Milwauke M18 Surge -vs- M18 ONE-Key Impact

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At nearly half the decibels and almost twice as fast the new Milwaukee M18 FUEL Surge hydraulic impact driver smoked its predecessor, the M18 FUEL ONE-Key impact driver in a head-to-head tool fight. As I explained in the video above both impacts were loaded with fully charged 5.0Ah battery packs and had new Irwin Speedbor MAX 1/4′ hex chuck drill bits. The 2″X stacked Douglas Fir replicates typical wood framing found in residential and some light commercial structures. The Surge is a quieter, faster and stronger impact driver. I almost never drill small diameter holes with an actual drill. I do this because the impact driver is by my side all the time and the drilling performance is excellent. Carrying another tool into the job, chucking up bits and charging more batteries slows me down and time is money.

Tools tested:
M18 FUEL Surge 1/4″ Hydraulic Impact Driver 2670-22
M18 FUEL ONE-Key 1/4″ Impact Driver 2757-22


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