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Eric Aune Mechanical HubWe’ve built a team of trade pros in the plumbing, mechanical, hvac, electrical & hydronics industries to test tools and products and we’re calling it the ProStaff. We’ve kept this under wraps long enough; we can’t wait to get started!

The idea was born thru hours of conversations between John, Tim and myself. I credit my business partner John Mesenbrink with the original plan to get our contractor friends together and provide something no other trade publication in our focused industries is doing. Yet…

Our focus is trade specific. Our ProStaff is made up of pro contractors from all across North America who are on the job site, in the mud and climbing the ladders to get the job done. Honest feedback, no gimmicks. We’ll also be doing a monthly giveaway of a tool/product you can enter to win. You’ll want to sign up to receive ProStaff specific updates and check out all of our social media outlets for videos, write-ups and pics as tools and products hit the hands of our team.

prostaff_logo-png-finalWe welcome your feedback and opinion too! The main function of tool and product reviews from our perspective is to share valuable information with our audience. I’m a plumbing and heating contractor, I know first hand how expensive it can be to buy the wrong tool or find out there’s something better only days after dropping the big bucks on a tool I thought was the only available option for the job. Our aim is to bring you industry specific feedback, info you can use straight from the pros in the field.

We’ve partnered with some big tool companies, pump manufacturers and more already but this is only the beginning. Our ProStaff is a strong one with combined decades of real trade experience, we’ll be profiling each member as time rolls on and we can’t wait for you to meet them. Who knows, you might already be working with one of them today!

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