The Ultimate Filtration Solution from BoilerMag

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When it comes to boiler maintenance, BoilerMag has you covered. Purchasing individual components is costly and time consuming. Instead of having to go through the trouble of purchasing separate boiler filter components, BoilerMag, The Ultimate Filtration Solution, is an easy first choice, offering all necessary components in one package, saving you hundreds of dollars.

Our tried and trusted patented magnetic technology ensures that virtually 100% of ferrous oxide and scale is removed on first pass. This heating system filter offers major benefits:

  • Install/Clean in minutes, protects for years
  • Dual flow technology – filters twice on one pass
  • Includes automatic air vent to automatically release trapped air
  • Guaranteed no block
  • Removes both magnetic and non-magnetic debris
  • Fits in line and has 360º adjustment
  • Easy access for chemical dosing
  • Features 1″ NPT threaded valves (1.25″ NPT adaptors included)

BoilerMag is an NPT threaded air, dirt, and magnetite separator, used to prevent the build-up of iron oxide, also known as black sludge. Ferrous metal contamination is attracted to the magnetic rods, removing the smallest particles, down to sub-micron size from circulation.

Its unique patented magnetic core ensures that despite the amount of contamination; BoilerMag can never block thus increasing energy efficiency, significantly prolonging the boiler life, protecting pipework and considerably reducing maintenance calls.

BoilerMag also catches non-magnetic contamination, such as dirt and debris using a mesh filter and is easily cleaned in minutes without fully removing the pipework. BoilerMag also features an automatic air vent, which releases trapped air from the boiler system to maintain heating efficiency. BoilerMag’s user-friendly application can be easily installed in any heating system, residential or commercial.

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