The next step in home power innovation

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eric aune 2If you’ve been at all interested in solar PV power generation and storage for residential use you may have heard of the latest entry into the already clogged market of battery storage by none other than the wildly successful electric car manufacturer and partner to SpaceX, Tesla.

On Thursday, April 28th Tesla officially announced the launch of its new whole home battery system, the Tesla Powerwall. The keynote presentation, given by Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk, was in similar fashion as seen by the likes of Apple and Google but Musk’s is different for one big reason.

Google and Apple host giant product launching parties and events to offer up the next advancement in better smart phones or Internet services; while this has proven successful in the marketplace its simply the selling of a next generation product, nothing truly significant. Tesla’s announcement is, however, the launch of a new product aimed at a better future for our planet.

Tesla’s plan is to reduce our dependence on fossil fuel power generation, its not the first and I’m not saying we should all go to their site now to reserve our own $3500 10Kw storage unit. The information shared by Musk yesterday has laid a lot of rumors to rest and he chose to do it in a very honest way. His presentation, seen below, is straight forward and to the point. Its not hours long [as provided by the tech giants such as Apple, Google] and offers up some opinion and fact as to why we might all be interested in taking the next step in energy independence at home.

Honestly, I think I’ve got a man-crush on the guy. Strike that, I totally do. I’m a big fan of car in general and the all-electric Tesla Model S is one of the sexiest stories in the automobile industry.  Add to the already crazy idea of starting up and so far surviving in the uber-competitive market place of cars Musk has pushed so far as founding SpaceX, the aerospace juggernaut running subcontracted supply missions to the international space station. Musk’s drive toward the seemingly impossible has gained ground with the innovative products in multiple marketplaces. Frankly I’m not sure how anyone could miss the major achievements this guy has made over the last ten years.

Oh, yeah, he invented PayPal. Ever heard of it?

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