The Easiest Trade Careers You Can Get Into

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You may not have picked up a degree, maybe you just didn’t know what you wanted to do, or you did university and have a job but want a change of career. Any of these is a fine reason to think about a trade career, there is lots of call for trade roles and this means that you should be fine finding a job or even starting your own business, you will however need to gain the qualifications for most so bear that in mind while trying to decide what trade career may be best for you.

If you are looking for a change of career or a career in the trade industry then this guide on the easiest trade jobs to get into and what you need to do them should help you to gain an understanding of some trade careers you could have and how to get them.

HVAC technician

When the highest temperatures of summer are in play we all want to stay nice and cool while also getting warmed up during the cold winters. Well cue your HVAC technician they will help to make sure this happens by servicing and maintaining your HVAC and keeping everything in working order. Therefore these technicians are always in demand so this is a great career to think about you can study a course online like the HVAC course from AtHomePrep which will get your qualified as an HVAC technician or like electricians you can also do apprenticeships, there are also trade schools you can go to if you have time to do so, as it can take 6 months to a two years for this trade to be mastered. Considering the increasing demand for HVAC services, pursuing a career as an HVAC technician can be a smart choice and offers a range of job opportunities in a field that plays a vital role in our comfort and well-being.

A service technician from Jackson and Sons Heating and Air installs a Goodman HVAC unit provided by Ferguson as part of the Season of Giving Promotion.

Wind turbine technician

With wind power now becoming one of the fastest growing energy providers there is always a call for technicians that can work on the turbines and keep them maintained. This is a skilled career to get into and can give you great satisfaction to know you are contributing to a greener world by helping look after the turbines. The entry requirements when it comes to entering this profession are fairly low, you only would need to do about two years at a technical school then at least one year of on the job training so you will need some time on your hands to do this but it is one of the easier professions to get into.

Become an electrician

Electricians are key in a modern world so they are always needed and it is a relatively simple career to get into however the work can be dangerous if not done properly. Most electricians become that by doing paid internships and being apprentices so you get to train on the job while still getting a wage which is great if you need to pay bills while trying to get qualified.

Industrial mechanic

If you are an industrial mechanic you would be in charge of installing and maintaining equipment that would be used in factories and other industrial buildings. With the industrial industry being so large there is definitely a need for people in this field so you should have no problem finding a job for this career. There would be no need for an apprenticeship or college, this is merely on the job training for upwards of about a year so, but some companies are taking screening tests like the ramsay mechanical test to analyze problem solving skills. It is great for someone that wants to just get into something and not have to worry too much about studying. 

Become an elevator mechanic

With the sheer number of elevators and escalators in the country it is no surprise that elevator mechanics are in very high demand and can make good money from this career path. Home and commercial businesses alike are always in need of an elevator or escalator being repaired or checked over and even installed so you should not be short of things to do. As with electricians the easiest way into this profession would be a four or five year paid internship so you can earn while you train and once qualified start earning more. This makes it easier for someone that has bills to pay and needs to be earning to change careers without having to worry about loss of income.

If you are looking to change your career or you are looking for your first career and you just can’t decide what sort you want then a trade career may be the thing for you. You can earn well and some of them are easy to get into. Hopefully, this guide will help you see which career may be for you and give you an understanding of how to get into that career.

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