Servicing High-End HVAC

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Today, technology is helping to strengthen the bond between homeowners and HVAC contractors. Installing air conditioners that are equipped with intelligent technology means more comfort, less noise, and increased connectivity.

As Global demands for HVAC equipment are expected to increase by 6% annually through 2021, the HVAC industry has undergone a lot of innovation, making it more user-friendly. Thanks to the high-end residential HVAC systems, which give a higher SEER and are as compact and unobtrusive as possible. Not just installation, high-end HVAC systems have made Air Conditioning Maintenance and Repair less cumbersome and more accurate. If you’re in Woodbury, MN, and in need of reliable AC repair services, you can count on professional providers like AC Repair in Woodbury, MN to ensure that your HVAC system is functioning optimally and keeping you comfortable throughout the year.

Of course, a high-end piece of equipment can have all of the benefits in the world, but if nobody purchases it, those benefits won’t be realized. As some people might still be unaware of all the benefits of high-end, intelligent HVAC, next time you decide to buy an air conditioner for your home or office, ask your HVAC Contractor questions like:

  • What are the advantages of installing air conditioners with high-end comfort technology?
  • How high-end HVAC systems have made Air Conditioning Repair easier?
  • What steps to follow for Air Conditioning Maintenance?
  • What are the benefits of servicing your HVAC periodically?

Due to the dropping price of technology and the increased availability of financing, more consumers can enjoy the benefits of HVAC systems, creating a larger market for HVAC contractors informed about these systems.

In this article, we will be discussing the following questions:

  • What is an HVAC system?
  • Advantages of having a high-end HVAC system?
  • Benefits of servicing your air conditioner periodically?
  • When to service your cooling unit?

Modern HVAC systems include air cleaning and moisture control. A high-end HVAC is a new and upgraded form of air conditioning system having a 15 SEER rating and higher. These are equipped with a dual-speed compressor, variable speed air handler, and have a zoning system.

High-end HVAC systems might cost you a little more initially, but it compensates for the high cost with lower energy bills and reduced maintenance costs.

A connected system HVAC is easier to check, reducing the chance for installation mistakes. These intelligent cooling systems proved very helpful, especially during the coronavirus lockdowns when consumers were worried about people entering their homes. Manufacturers may not have planned the system with this scenario in mind, but it was a fortunate by-product.

Why High-End HVAC?

When we talk about high-end HVAC, quality is something that is always on our minds. Be it the premium comfort or the smart controls, a high-end HVAC is a compilation of everything you ever desire. Cutting-edge air conditioning systems offer a range of benefits including efficiency, reliability, interconnectivity, and enhanced comfort. However, that’s not it. Here is a list of reasons why high-end HVAC is the first choice for most homeowners.


Energy-efficient HVAC systems are the right step towards going green. These systems have high efficiency that uses less energy and burns less fuel(at least 1/3rd less fuel) than older systems.

Quiet Operation 

Homeowners, most of the time, want their HVAC to do its job silently, preserving comfort while being both out of sight and out of mind.

These systems come with advanced noise cancellation technology, sometimes operating as low as 51 dB.

Cost Savings

According to Stanford University, more than a third of Americans are currently working from home, leading to a rise in residential energy consumption by as much as 23%. Thus, homeowners are more interested in buying HVAC systems with high efficiency. Smart and new HVAC systems can help you cut your energy bill by at least 20%. Along with this, you end up having a more effective HVAC system with better cooling and heating.

Better airflow quality

As a result of the pandemic, HVAC contractors are aware of the growing importance of healthy indoor air quality. A high-end HVAC, is thus designed such that with proper cooling and heating it also provides a healthy airflow. Proper airflow brings home a pleasant breathing space and lets you have better health along with impurity-free air.

Smart Connectivity

High-end systems offer app-based controls with customizable functionality that fits their family’s lifestyle.” They can schedule the temperature of their home even before reaching their home.

Servicing High-end HVAC

High-end systems also offer unprecedented ease in instalment, granular system control, and advanced methods for diagnosing and reporting system issues by service technicians. With them, you can not only service your system faster but also more accurately.

As regular Air Conditioning Servicing can increase the life of it by 40%, it becomes a crucial component in HVAC maintenance. Holding such a great place in the HVAC industry, some systems even have inbuild displays that show the details such as the general system condition and refrigerant charger, rather than requiring manifold gauges. On the permission given by the owner, technicians can monitor the system, which can help in better diagnosis of the trouble.

A few of the advantages you are likely to enjoy when you have your system serviced periodically include:

  • Enhanced efficiency, thus huge savings on energy bills,
  • Less repair work and associated costs.
  • Increased life of your HVAC.
  • Improved indoor air quality.

The best time to service is generally in the Spring, i.e., in late March or early April. You can also consider servicing it sooner if:

  • The AC blowing warm air instead of cold air
  • Weak airflow in different spots
  • Frequent strange sounds coming from your AC
  • Smelly odors or water leaks
  • If the system is causing high humidity

Residential cooling overall has become much more focused on energy efficiency and personalized comfort in recent years. It’s no longer enough for cooling units to be durable and high performing, but they must offer smart comfort that matches how homeowners use each zone in their home.

While the list might go on, it becomes a clear case that installing a high-end HVAC system is nothing but an intelligent move towards energy-saving and efficient cooling. Keep yourself updated with the new technologies coming up in the HVAC industry, and contact your HVAC contractor for the best advice.

Guest Author – Michael Gonzalez has over 10 years experience with Arctic Fox Cooling Services, which provides knowledgeable air conditioning repairs and installations service in South Florida.

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