Becoming an electrician is an excellent career move for anyone who has a passion for solving problems, enjoys working with their hands and doesn’t mind being covered in grease on a daily basis. It’s skilled work and in high demand, so getting started as an electrician should be more accessible than ever, right? Maybe not Read more

The Plumber’s Third Hand tool makes installing and removing garbage disposals an easy, one-person job. This patented tool eliminates all the aggravation and challenges of installing garbage disposals saving you time and money. It holds the disposer and parts in place, leaving two hands free for installation. The installation tool offers a universal fit for Read more

The RIDGID® Basin Wrench is the latest example of how listening to customers leads to a better tool. The new features came from customer feedback and include a light that illuminates dark work spaces and automatically shuts off after five minutes of inactivity to preserve battery life, as well as a removable T-handle that pivots Read more

The GripLine tape measure features a patented rotating tip that is specifically designed to hold rounded edges up to 2-inches in diameter, such as metal conduit, rebar, PVC and black iron pipe. With the ability to catch, hold and measure multiple types of materials, the new GripLine™ tape is ideal for plumbers, electricians, builders and Read more Mechanical Hub’s Eric Aune talks with Todd Taylor about the Hole Dozer hole saw Read more