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When you have a small business or work as a freelance contractor, it can feel like you are always competing with big companies.  To stand out can feel like hard work and, in some cases, an almost impossible task.  However, there are few ways that you can appear like a more significant organization.  Web Presence Read more

Gary Vee to keynote the free virtual conference on March 24th, featuring a full day of business-building workshops and live networking for home service business owners and their teams Jobber, the leading provider of home service management software, today announced its virtual conference, Jobber Professional Development (PD) Day, will take place on March 24. Gary Read more

article via “Hackers’ Email Schemes Have Cost Small Businesses More Than $1 Billion Hackers are using “corporate account takeover” tricks to prey on unsuspecting companies.” Online theft and hackers have been the source of multiple news headlines for years now and small businesses have taken a hit as of late. The article titled above Read more