Skilled Trades

Ongoing training is an essential pillar of the skilled trades. Trades professionals who proactively engage with opportunities to learn about new processes and new technology deliver better experience and workmanship, make more educated decisions, complete more work in less time and establish trust with customers. In short, ongoing training helps create the right conditions for Read more

Plumbers, heating and ventilating engineers, bricklayers, painters and decorators are just a few of the trades that the UK relies on, but a new report has revealed a decline in the number of workers in these trades. The trade trends report 2021 released by Skills Training Group has analyzed 16 years worth of data from the Office for Read more

Top water heating manufacturer joins non-profit service organization for shared focus on education and workforce development Bradford White Corporation announces a partnership with Plumbers Without Borders, a grassroots non-profit organization working to increase global access to safe water and sanitation. The partnership affirms Bradford White’s commitment to impactful engagement within the industry and supports Plumbers Without Read more

The biggest issue in the manufacturing industry is the ability to teach people effectively. Because manufacturing relies on processes going quickly and smoothly, there seems to be little time for maintaining and general upkeep. The result? A great disadvantage for any business. The fact is that if we are to keep our workers upskilled, they Read more

On May 4, 2021, The Home Depot will partner with SkillsUSA for National Signing Day and, in celebration and support of high school seniors entering the skilled trades industry, The Home Depot Foundation will provide six scholarships totaling $30,000. Focused on career readiness and training the next generation of tradespeople, these scholarships will go toward Read more