Is Microlearning the Key to Engaging Your Factory Workforce?

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The biggest issue in the manufacturing industry is the ability to teach people effectively. Because manufacturing relies on processes going quickly and smoothly, there seems to be little time for maintaining and general upkeep. The result? A great disadvantage for any business. The fact is that if we are to keep our workers upskilled, they will benefit from having more hands-on experience and knowledge, but also remain proactive in any given situation. What is the solution? Microlearning. Let’s show you how it works and why it can benefit your business.

What Is Microlearning? 

In essence, microlearning is a very short and simple approach to learning. Learning is something that is, traditionally, a time-intensive task. Microlearning is a way to strip down a skill or an idea to its most crucial parts and learn those. Bite-size exercises can help in so many ways. 

They Are Time Sensitive

Training in the manufacturing industry is a difficult and long-winded approach on occasion. While it’s important for your workers to have a finite knowledge of the best practices so they can work effectively, when it comes to machinery, and specifically more labor-intensive tactics like aluminum machining, we must remember that it is about the quality of the learning materials rather than the quantity. This is where microlearning can help. Microlearning can be delivered in a very short space of time, usually between three and ten minutes. Microlearning is something that can be delivered to devices, rather than having employees crowd around one computer screen. If employees need to refresh their memories, all they need to do is look at their smartphones.

It Increases Learner Engagement

Long training sessions are boring for most people involved. In the manufacturing industry, people that work behind machinery are practically minded. They would prefer action rather than long-winded written material. Therefore, microlearning can boost learner engagement and keep their attention. While dealing with serious topics is part and parcel of the manufacturing industry, you can still use microlearning to make the process more fun. This allows you to incorporate a variety of different activities to break up the monotony and also cater to different learning styles

It Improves Knowledge 

Manufacturers work with manual components. When people get physically tired, they get mentally tired as well. So if you want your employees to retain information, delivering information in bite-size chunks is going to give them the same amount of information you would in a day-long session, but with the added difference that their brains can process everything better. 

It Guarantees Immediate Results 

When we are driven by results, we must know that the right learning materials actually deliver what they promise. We have to work to deadlines. Therefore, when we need to incorporate a new safety regulation or a deadline to bring a machine up and running, we need to impart the knowledge in record time. This is where microlearning becomes a fast and efficient tool to deliver high-density information on one topic. If you want to get to your destination faster, to make your machinery last longer, and to actually get your staff to pay attention, microlearning might be the answer you need.

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