Similar to the way the rest of the world was impacted, employers and employees of the propane industry in Canada found that the COVID-19 pandemic brought with it a tremendous disruption to normal working patters. As the numbers of new infections continue to decline in most regions across the country, there are still longer-term safety Read more

The Gas Appliance Service Training and Consulting presents Timmie McElwain June, August & September 2014 Schedule CETP Propane Courses June 3, 4 & 5      4.2 Placing Vapor Systems & Appliances Into Operation      $900 ONE-WEEK STRAIGHT Monday June 16                   Fundamentals of Combustion                                $300 Tuesday June 17                   Circuitry & Troubleshooting                                 $300 Wednesday June Read more

The Gas Appliance Service Training and Consulting presents Timmie McElwain: May & June 2014 Schedule CETP Propane Courses May 6, 7 & 8            4.1 Designing & Installing Exterior Vapor Systems         $900   ONE-WEEK STRAIGHT Monday May 12                    Fundamentals of  Combustion                              $300 Tuesday May 13                    Circuitry & Troubleshooting                                 $300 Wednesday  May 14              Hydronic Read more

By late January, at least 24 states had declared an energy emergency, according to NBC News. The propane shortage and accompanying price hike were felt around the country, but the Midwest got hit harder than other places. A crucial supply pipeline that closed last fall, combined with the wicked winter, lead to prices nearing $5/gallon Read more

Available with or without a burner cover. The EZGas Pro burner converts existing oil-fired boilers, furnaces, and water heaters to natural gas or propane at a fraction of the cost of replacing the appliance.  Factory packed with combustion control and gas fuel train. Does not require a refractory liner – fires with or without a combustion chamber. Proven in Read more