Engineering and construction (E&C) is one of the largest industries in the world, and yet, it has been one of the slowest to embrace digital change. The entire ecosystem represents 13% of global GDP, but the industry has seen meager productivity growth of 1% annually for the past two decades—and this is where disruptive technologies Read more

Field service management (FSM) and customer relationship management (CRM) are best-of-breed solutions that are essential to the work of field technicians. Both tools manage different aspects of client needs, but if they’re not working together, businesses will miss out on new opportunities and more productive work processes. So how do you synch the two? FSM Read more

Reverse logistics is becoming an integral part of operations for manufacturers, distributors and service providers to minimize lost revenue when moving products, parts and sub-components back into inventory. Recent Statista research shows that goods returns cost $246.3bn per year in North America and must span customers, service organizations, supply chains, receiving departments and even a Read more