When it comes to delivering safe, heated water in commercial applications, such as schools, hospitals, hotels and multi-family living facilities, the importance of reliable and precise temperature control is a must. But without a precise mixing valve solution, hot water availability can be hindered by big variances and inconsistencies, creating frustration and safety issues for Read more

Counteract corrosion in hydronic heating and chiller systems with the new MagnaClean CMX filters from ADEY. Offering cost-effective installation options and zero system shutdown for servicing or flushing, the CMX range of 316L stainless steel side-stream filters removes magnetic and non-magnetic debris from commercial and industrial applications, including manufacturing plants, sports facilities, hospitals, schools etc Read more

The Laars Heating System Commercial Tankless Electric H Series (Formerly HL) are Built to be the Best®, offer industry-leading heating capacity, durability, and precision. The H Series is suited for a variety of commercial markets including schools, hospitals, sports facilities, and restaurants. The Laars H Series includes various single phase and 3-phase voltage selections, low-watt Read more