ADEY MagnaClean CMX™ Filters

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Counteract corrosion in hydronic heating and chiller systems with the new MagnaClean CMX filters from ADEY.

Offering cost-effective installation options and zero system shutdown for servicing or flushing, the CMX range of 316L stainless steel side-stream filters removes magnetic and non-magnetic debris from commercial and industrial applications, including manufacturing plants, sports facilities, hospitals, schools etc. to prevent system component failures, prolong system life and increase efficiencies, while also reducing the amount of time spent on frequent maintenance of system components that are continuously suffering and fouling up from system debris.

Side-stream installation helps reduce installation time, complexity, and costs, with no need to partially or fully drain a system or cut into and weld pipework and flanges. Pipework connections can also be downsized, offering further cost-effective installation options. Existing side-stream pipework connections can also be used, meaning an existing pot feeder can be easily replaced by a CMX filter – the Midi and Maxi sizes act as pot feeders, making chemical dosing /water treatment management effortless.

The MagnaClean CMX range can also be serviced with zero system downtime or flushing, meaning minimal water and heat loss during system maintenance. This makes the range of filters ideal for a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications such as manufacturing plants, sports facilities, hospitals, and schools.

The innovative MagnaClean CMX range is a highly efficient and flexible product solution that delivers formidable dual-filtration performance, direct chemical dosing capability, and improved system efficiencies and protection, helping to reduce maintenance costs, energy usage, and carbon emissions.

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