electric water heater

North America’s most efficient water heater qualifies for the highest level of energy rebates and can save homeowners hundreds of dollars upon purchase. Rheem recently unveiled the industry’s most efficient hybrid electric water heater. Named ProTerra™ for its unmatched efficiencies, this ENERGY STAR® certified water heater from Rheem is over 400 percent more efficient compared to Read more

Eemax® is pleased to announce the launch of a new generation of Eemax water heating products. The AccuMix II™ product line is an update to our market-leading, point-of-use AccuMix heaters. AccuMix II electric tankless water heaters are an ideal solution for public handwashing applications—or other low flow handwashing applications—where precise temperature control is required. These models Read more

In December of 2012, Eemax Inc. moved from Oxford, CT to a larger facility in Waterbury, Conn. The new location was double in size at about 35,000 square feet. Now, just a short two years later, Eemax has already outgrown their new facility and has decided to expand again. Over the past month, renovations have Read more