Diablo Cermet Blade

This week in Nashville, TN we attended the 2019 STAFDA show where Diablo invited a few members of the media to take part in their annual new product showcase. Market research and stats show that a significant percentage of circular saws in use, throughout multiple industries, in shop and job site environments are actually 6-1/2″ Read more

Reciprocating saw blades have advanced considerably over the last few years with the addition of carbide cutting edges. Until about three years ago the very idea of using a sawzall to cut materials like cast iron or stainless steel proved daunting in the least. With today’s latest manufacturing technology tasks such as this are simple Read more

Diablo launches a new innovative cutting edge for Steel Demon reciprocating blades through advanced grinding tolerances to provide a sharper tip on each cutting tooth for double cutting performance speed. The blade also features an Ultra-Hardened edge which is created through a unique heat treatment process that optimizes the bi-metal teeth durability. The Steel Demon Read more