NIBCO’s Wrot Racer® C8 Corvette kicks off its tour at AHR Expo 2022 before visiting qualified distributors throughout the United States to celebrate the introduction of Wrot Racer push fittings. NIBCO INC. announces its Wrot Racer® “Start Me Up” promotion to celebrate its next generation of push fittings that it recently launched. The multi-faceted promotion centers on Read more

RLS is the manufacturer of the original, patented, proven press-to-connect fittings for high-pressure HVAC and refrigeration applications. These are the same reliable fittings that have been in widespread use – and fully registered and listed to UL207 for pressures up to 700 PSI – since 2015. Faster and Easier Using an RLS-approved battery-powered tool and Read more

Residential plumbing and HVAC installers take note: you can pipe an entire home with the durability, flexibility and cost-effectiveness of PEX — for plumbing, fire sprinkler systems and radiant floor heating. Here’s how… PEX plumbing With more new homes plumbed with PEX than copper and CPVC combined, you’re probably already aware of the benefits of Read more

Two piping systems that are taking the domestic-water and hydronic heating and cooling landscape to a new level. These innovative solutions are providing the construction industry with systems that are easier to learn (to help with the skilled-labor shortage), faster to install (to meet tight construction schedules) and provide cleaner installation sites (for jobsite safety) Read more

With a pull-stroke action, E-Z Stroke Saws from Jones Stephens allow for smooth, fast, and accurate cutting. Cut plastic pipe and wood or try the new metal cutting saw that cuts iron, copper, brass, aluminum, and other metals. Cuts on the pull stroke unlike standard metal cutting saws and perfect for cutting off closet bolts Read more