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Fast Trak, a prefabricated trapeze suspension solution consisting of vertical tracks and horizontal brackets, brings great speed of installation to the jobsite, and has become an important tool in driving efficiencies on installations throughout the US. “Our Fast Trak system supports the modern‐day construction sector and its drive to use products that are efficient, safe Read more

The construction industry, characterized by its large-scale operations and reliance on hardy materials, may seem worlds apart from the precision-driven field of machining. However, the lines between these two industries are beginning to blur, paving the way for a new paradigm in the realm of construction. Traditionally, machining has been associated with the creation of Read more

NEW FEDERAL COVID VACCINE RULE WILL LIKELY PROMPT CONSTRUCTION WORKERS TO SHIFT TO SMALLER FIRMS, ADD TO SECTOR’S LABOR CHALLENGES Construction Officials Say Federal Mandates Add to Industry’s Confusion by Creating Different Standards for Firms Based on Size and the Work they Perform and Offering Conflicting Details The chief executive officer of the Associated General Read more