Innovative Suspension System Grips Construction Industry

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Fast Trak, a prefabricated trapeze suspension solution consisting of vertical tracks and horizontal brackets, brings great speed of installation to the jobsite, and has become an important tool in driving efficiencies on installations throughout the US.

“Our Fast Trak system supports the modern‐day construction sector and its drive to use products that are efficient, safe for both installers and ongoing maintenance teams, and have a fast, straightforward installation process,” said Mark Kimberley, Construction Product Manager at Gripple. “Fast Trak helps MEP contractors and installers deliver their portion of the project to agreed timescales and budgets. In fact, because of the ease and accessibility of the system, many projects have been able to continue efficiently, even with staffing challenges. Also, tool free height adjustments can be made with ease, allowing contractors to complete installations faster compared to more traditional rod and strut methods of suspension.”

The Fast Trak Bracket comes in stocked sizes from 9 inches to 61 inches, has attachment points on all 4 faces, and can be suspended from the tracks in any of those 4 orientations. The bracket is also compatible with traditional strut accessories, as well as Gripple’s quick‐twist accessories. But the main feature of the bracket is the push‐button latch at both ends, that allows the bracket
to slide up and down the tracks without the need for tools.

The ladder‐style tracks come in 8 inch to 59 inch lengths, allow the Fast Trak brackets to be installed in 3/8” increments along the track, and also enable the double‐tiering of brackets, to increase the number of services per run. When the installation is finished, excess tracks can be bent under the bracket or snapped off, providing a neat and tidy finish with minimal to zero waste, all while delivering rigidity and high load ratings.

Fast Trak is UL 2239 listed, with load ratings of up to 440 lbs per trapeze for Electrical applications. Fast Trak is also ICC‐ESR‐4622 and IAPMO approved and MFMA compliant, with load ratings up to 650 lbs per trapeze for Mechanical applications.

“Fast Trak has proven to be a straightforward yet ingenious solution for suspending electrical containment, mechanical piping, plumbing, ductwork, and mechanical services in an efficient, safe, and reliable way,” said Mark. “The fact that it continues to deliver efficiencies in so many ways make it a hugely attractive product for contractors who are keen to manage costs and
resources effectively and deliver an MEP system that is truly fit for modern construction projects.”

Manufactured by Gripple, Fast Trak is a zero‐waste product which consists of metal tracks and strut‐like brackets which arrive on site in pre‐cut lengths, offering total embodied CO2 savings.

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