Bradley Corp.

Bradley Corp., industry-leading manufacturer of lead-free thermostatic mixing valves and tepid water delivery solutions, introduces its newest Navigator® digital mixing valve, which delivers precise temperature control and programmable features. Engineered with advanced technology to deliver and maintain water temperatures within +/- 3º F, even during low and zero demand periods, the digital valve maximizes safety Read more

Bradley Corp., announces the appointment of Mark Whittington to Vice President – Business Development for the Menomonee Falls, Wis.-based manufacturer of plumbing fixtures, restroom accessories and emergency equipment for 100 years. Whittington will join Bradley’s leadership team and in his role be responsible for growing Bradley’s plumbing products business. He has held various sales, operations and supply chain leadership positions in Read more

News coverage, signage and restroom preparedness prompt hand washing behavior If there is some good news in the age of coronavirus, research from the Healthy Hand Washing Survey shows that during the past 11 years an increasing number of Americans are heeding the message about washing their hands to protect themselves from flu outbreaks. The Read more

Bradley Corp., industry-leading manufacturer of lead-free valves and tepid water delivery solutions, introduces its newest Navigator® Thermostatic Mixing Valve. Engineered to deliver safe water temperatures to both commercial faucet applications as well as emergency safety eyewash fixtures, this model provides a complete and efficient single mixing valve solution. With its innovative combination of two valves Read more

Americans likely to open their wallets at businesses with clean restrooms Menomonee Falls, Wis. —Businesses that make a point to clean up their restrooms may also clean up in sales, according to new national research conducted by Bradley Corporation. The annual Healthy Hand Washing Survey reveals that almost half of Americans say they will “definitely” Read more