Andy Mickelson

On the opening day of the AHR Expo in Chicago—Monday, January 22—the crew from Mechanical Hub was fully immersed in the very first Coffee with Caleffi Live from the Caleffi booth. There, emcees John Mesenbrink and Tim talked with industry powerhouses John “Siggy” Siegenthaler, Bob “hot Rod” Rohr, Eric Aune and Andy Mickelson about the Read more

As you read this, thousands of American families are considering a move to less densely populated areas. Towns and cities within the Rocky Mountain States – Idaho, Montana and Wyoming specifically – are seeing unprecedented population growth.  The idea of living in rural and suburban areas is gaining a lot of interest among residents of Read more

Mickelson Plumbing & Heating, Missoula, Montana, specializes in plumbing, HVAC and boiler service, and high-efficiency systems. Starting his own business out of necessity, or perhaps the illusion of it, Andy Mickelson (@mick_plumb) launched Mickelson Plumbing & Heating New Year’s Day, 2011. I guess you could say it’s all part of Mickelson’s fabric and mental make-up—there Read more

Ah, the age-old question: is it duct tape or duck tape? Although often mispronounced, it’s actually duct tape (Duck is a brand of the tape) and covers a class of pressure-sensitive tapes that consists of three layers: polyethylene (plastic), scrim (mesh fabric) and rubberized adhesive. Yet, even with that clarification, the term “duct tape” can Read more

Summer vacations are winding down and the annual ritual for parents buying school supplies for the kids is underway, but maybe it’s high time to kick off the old work boots and find a new pair. Does that sound like a great first step? Recently, Mechanical Hub ProStaff member Andy Mickelson, owner of Mickelson Plumbing and Read more