Smart Tips To Grow Your Plumbing Business

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Plumbing is rightly regarded as one of the most future-secure professions out there. After all, it’s a service that people will always need, and we’re a long way away from having robots that are able to do the job. Plus, there’s usually a lot of work available. Of course, just because there’s a lot of work available, that doesn’t mean that success will automatically come your way. Sure, you will likely always get some work, but if you’re committed to building the best business that you can, then that won’t be satisfactory. Rather, you’ll want to get as much high-value work as you can. 

And so, how do you do this? In this blog, we’re going to take a look at some smart tips for growing your plumbing business. Incorporate these tips into your strategy, and it won’t be long before you notice an improvement! 

Work With a Marketing Agency

Marketing is key for any business, including plumbing companies. After all, the more people that know about your business, the greater the number of clients that you’ll be able to attract. Of course, most plumbers do engage in some level of marketing. But it’s usually not all that much. To some, it amounts to little more than putting their phone number on the side of the van and on directory listings.

It’s best to partner with a marketing agency. You won’t have the time to dedicate all that much energy to your marketing. But you don’t have to. Simply outsource the task to a professional agency, and let them take care of it. 

Remember Word of Mouth Matters

You should notice that you make a handsome return on the investment that you make in digital marketing. But remember that it’s not the only marketing tool at your disposal. One of the most effective is word of mouth. If someone has had a good experience with you, they’ll be happy to refer you to their friends and family that also need a plumber. This is something that you’ll hope they’ll do of their own accord, but you could also gently ask that they do it, too. Saying something as simple as “we would really appreciate it if you could tell your friends and family about your experience” can make all the difference. People want to help companies that they like! 

And Online Reviews Do Too

People trust online reviews almost as much as they trust recommendations from their friends and family. As such, it’s a good idea to also encourage people to leave a positive review if they’ve had a positive experience with you. There are plenty of places for customers to leave reviews, but perhaps the most important one at the moment is Google Reviews. This is because potential customers will probably Google your name to find your number, so it’ll be the first reviews that they see.

It’s a good idea to manage reviews. Saying thank you to people who have left good reviews and contesting (or admitting fault, if that’s the case) to negative reviews can go a long way. 

Think Sales

You might think of your business solely in terms of plumbing, but you should also think of terms of, well, a business. While it won’t happen on every occasion, there’ll be times — probably more than you realize — when it’ll be possible to sell additional products and services to your clients. Of course, you should only do this in a legitimate way. For example, only upselling items that the client genuinely needs. You can train your staff to keep an eye on opportunities to increase sales while they’re on site. Just make sure that the selling part of your operation doesn’t become a fundamental part of your business strategy. Aggressive sales tactics will only lose you customers!

Improve Your Operations 

The fundamentals of plumbing largely stay the same, but if you’re in the industry, then you’ll know that there are always updates to both the working process and the technology that drives that industry. If you want to be a plumbing company that’s successful in the future, then it’ll be imperative that you’re going above and beyond to deliver the most advanced, forward thinking work. Are you able to add pipeline risk monitoring, smart irrigation, and greywater systems to your list of services? If you can, then you’ll be positioning yourself in a good position for the future. 

Phone Call Options

If there’s one mistake that plumbing companies make, it’s not offering a phone number as a contact option or simply not picking up the phone when it rings. Some people will be happy to fill out a contact form or send an email when they’re planning a plumbing project, but no one in their right mind would send an email when they’re experiencing a plumbing emergency. Your phone number shouldn’t be buried somewhere on your site. It should be front of center, and also the primary point of contact on your ads. If you know you won’t be able to pick up the phone at all times, then look at outsourcing the job to a third party company. They’ll ensure that you never miss a call. 

Renewed Energy

Finally, let’s think about motivation and energy. If you’ve been running your plumbing business for a while, then you might be running on autopilot. And when you’re in that mindset, you’ll find it difficult to grow your plumbing business. You’ll be too comfortable! As such, it can be a good idea to mentally shift your mind to a position where you’ve got a renewed sense of enthusiasm about your business. You might be surprised at what you can achieve just by dedicating some additional time to your business. 


A new year is a good time to think about your company and how it’s going. IF you’re looking to step things up and cement yourself as a viable, long-term business, then be sure to take on board the tips that we’ve outlined above. Once you’ve incorporated them into your strategy, you’ll likely notice an improvement within a few months.


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