Technologies That Are Changing The Plumbing Industry

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Every industry can benefit from the latest technology, there are so many different ways to use tech, from automation to marketing and improving efficiency. There are lots of different technologies which are having an impact on the plumbing industry. Let’s explore a few of the options that are currently in demand.

Smart Irrigation

Smart irrigation is a type of technology that operates via a digital device, (for instance a wall panel connected to an app). With the use of smart irrigation technology, individuals can use their phones to control their sprinklers and set up smart timers. Users can even sync their systems with the local weather forecast. With a smart irrigation system, it’s easy to save both time and money. If you’re looking for a convenient way to take care of your yard these systems are a great option.

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters are fast growing in popularity, an increasing number of homeowners want these devices fitted. These heaters work by instantaneously heating the water, without relying on a storage tank. When you switch on a hot water tap first the cold water goes into the heat exchanger. Next, the water is heated by an electric component or gas. The result is that these tanks offer constant hot water. There’s no need to wait for the tank to fill up with the right amount of water.

Touchless Technology

Touchless technology is in high demand in the plumbing industry, particularly touchless faucets. These work using a sensor that automatically dispenses water, when your hand is positioned underneath the faucet. These types of faucets are particularly popular for new kitchens. 

Touchless taps have several benefits including improved hygiene and convenience. Plumbing services must learn about these new technologies in order to improve their products. Operating a plumbing business means keeping up with the desires of the modern consumer and providing great customer service.

Smart Pipes

Advanced water pipe tech can easily detect a burst pipe or leaking toilet. Smart pipe technology will send an alert to your phone if a leak is detected. Some of these technologies can even switch off the water supply if need be. Smart pipes work by using IoT tech that links up to your smartphone. Not only can they detect a leak, but they can also notify you about a filtration issue and save water.

Smart Toilets

Smart toilets have become very popular over the last few years, these can flush, open and close, or cleanse automatically. Some smart toilets even offer features such as air drying or  heated seats. Smart plumbing products are in demand, and many of them allow consumers to conserve water. As technology advances, there are many new ways to save water and become more eco-friendly.

Plumbing businesses need to keep up with the latest tech and practices in order to remain future proof. Whether it’s using the best broaching machine, or the most eco-friendly irrigation systems, providing excellent service is crucial for ongoing success.

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