Rinnai’s Innovative I-Series Boiler Available in July

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Simultaneous Delivery of Domestic Hot Water and Central Heating

Rinnai America Corporation has expanded its boiler presence in North America and has launched its new I-Series Boiler for the residential market. The I-Series Boiler has a unique advantage to homeowners with the ability to simultaneously deliver hot water and home heating without interruption. The technology also includes an innovative bypass servo valve, which enables precise control of the hot water temperature. The I-Series Boiler is available in both combi and heat-only models and comes standard with multi-zone heating control.

Comfort & Convenience

  • Simultaneous delivery of hot water and home heating without disruption
  • Servo based by-pass control for precision domestic hot water (DHW) temperature control
  • Multiple heating zones possible

I-Series Operational Performance

  • Optimal Performance
  • 95% AFUE Efficiency
  • High volume hot water production
  • Outdoor reset to optimize home heating performance

I-Series Easy Installation

  • Flexible Installation
  • Compact design
  • Versatile venting options
  • Easy parameter settings
  • Natural gas (NG) with Propane gas (LP) conversion kit included

The boiler will be available starting July 2019, just in time for the upcoming heating season, and pre-orders are currently being accepted. www.rinnai.us/i-series-boiler.

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