Review: Milwaukee 8-gal Dust Vac

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Milwaukee 8960-20

Milwaukee 8960-20

A few months ago I started using the Milwaukee 8-gallon dust extractor. I’ve put it thru the ringer cleaning out old dirty oil boiler fire boxes, job site messes, used it around the shop and at home. This thing is a beast!

Take a look at the video, I can say with honesty that as bad as that filter looks that thing just kept sucking.

There are a lot of well thought out features on this dust extractor, the first would be the low-profile design. Coupled with the perfect casters and large rear wheels the low center of gravity keeps it from tipping like other extractors I’ve owned or used. The longer than wide tub makes this deign possible. Its tool activation setting works without delay and keeps the vac running to clear the hose and filter once you’ve turned whatever you’ve got attached off. It also has a standard continuous run mode.

It comes with a 13 ft long anti-static hose and can be ran with or without fleece or plastic bags. From the start I have not used bags; I wanted to see how it performed and how long the filter life fared out without the bags. Using a bag will keep things cleaner overall though.

The extractor’s dual filtration system includes a HEPA filter, which captures 99.97% of all particles greater than 0.3 microns for best in class filtration and safety and provides users with an OSHA-compliant solution for the regulation on crystalline silica dust (29 cfr 1926.1153).

This is not a typical vac and its priced to reflect the technology built in to it. Do not make the mistake of comparing this to a typical ” shop vac “, the two are not the same nor are they designed for the same use and regulations.

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